Menu - available for dine-in or take-out

panini- hot grilled sandwiches on rustic Italian bread
tramezzini- cold sandwiches on crustless white pullman bread
crostini- small toasted bread, topped, enjoyed
 in two or three bites

There will always be two homemade soups (at least one vegetarian) and daily specials in addition to this menu.

panini $8.50

tramezzini $8.50

crostini $2.75

soup & salad



We accept take-out phone orders for parties of 6 or fewer based on our in-restaurant wait times. We will accommodate as many phone orders as possible.

For larger take-out orders, please contact us with a day's advance notice via email to check availability.

Toast is a counter-service, 40-seat restaurant and does not take reservations.

Take Toast Home!
Our tangy house dressing, award-winning soups and prepared salads are now available for purchase in larger forms. 
Toast Vinagrette $7.50
Soup by the Pint $7
Soup by the Quart $10
Prepared Salads: 
egg salad with capers and chives:
pint $8     quart $14
chicken salad, roasted garlic aioli:
pint   $8    quart  $14
NC shrimp + sunchoke salad:
pint $12     quart $22
spicy tuna + olivada salad
pint $10     quart $18

Toast Can Party!
Add our crostini platters to your next event, business get together, or party!
Crostini platters are available with the toppings of your choosing, and in the quantity that you require, from 50-500. Call or email for more info and pricing.